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Weekly Dose : Subtleties

It’s not until you take the time to notice little subtleties that you stop to appreciate them. Whether it’s visual details such as the subtle nodes of blush, the frothy texture on the surface of a drink or small crumbs out of focus appearing as sparkles of light — or the way an ever so slight movement during a stretch in yoga makes you feel — take note of these subtleties and your humbleness of life will grow.

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All images found via Pinterest.

Photos curated by Sara Chars.

Weekly Dose : Eye Candy

There’s nothing wrong with a little visual candy to get us through the rest of the week.

Weekly Dose : Eye Candy | Taupe & Birch

This photo says so much. It’s capturing my favorite color and creates a beautiful abstract silhouette with the Pantone square.

Weekly Dose : Eye Candy | Taupe & Birch

This Raspberry Sorbet is next on my list to try.

Weekly Dose : Eye Candy | Taupe & Birch

I have a major art crush on Bobbie Burgers paintings. Who would’ve thought that flowers could be so visceral?

Weekly Dose : Eye Candy | Taupe & Birch

This Juan Luis Fernandez piece would be such a great companion to her painting.

Weekly Dose : Eye Candy | Taupe & Birch

Love this simple table setting with the large moody photograph. Photo by Even Wilson.

Weekly Dose : Eye Candy | Taupe & Birch

I’ve also been enjoying the work of Caio Fonseca

Weekly Dose : Eye Candy | Taupe & Birch

I’m a sucker for large enough text that makes the numbers appear like abstract shapes.

Weekly Dose : Eye Candy | Taupe & Birch A neutral workspace leaves room for an open minded and creative thought process.

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Weekly Dose : Growth

Growth can be incredibly transformative to who you are if you open yourself to it. I read an article recently that women often struggle with contentment in their 20s and are happiest around age 33-35 where their careers and relationships tend to be more stable and they are more comfortable with who they are. Here are a few ways that I have been trying to personally grow and connect with my inner self.

Grab coffee with someone new. Find someone who inspires you, who changes your perspective on life if only for a instant to give you a different outlook, and reach out to them. You never know where the conversation will lead and the more connections you build, the stronger your network.

Image found on April & May.


Make a new recipe. I always find it stress-relieving and a great way to unwind after a long day to make a new, simple recipe. A lot of times it’s hard to turn my brain off, even when I am physically exhausted. By following a recipe, I am focusing on measurements, smell, feel, taste – reawakening all of my senses that have been idle all day.

Farmers market season is here which means you can stock up on local fruits and veggies. This recipe for Baked Vegetable Chips is both quick and healthy and great to take as a snack throughout a busy work week.


Meet international people or study a foreign language. This is one of the most satisfying ways to lift my mood because it leaves me feeling incredibly inspired. There is so much life out there – never limit yourself to one way of seeing and experiencing the world.

Image found on Noe Blog.

unnamed-1Let your intuition take its own direction freely and organically. Be open to new opportunities even if it’s not what you initially planned on or if it’s not the path you thought you would be on. You may be surprised where it takes you.

Image found on Domaine.

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Coffee in Brooklyn : Jessica Williams

Coffee in Brooklyn : Jessica Williams | Taupe & Birch

Back in November, I made a trip to the east coast and was lucky enough to stay with my old friends Jessica and Luke Williams. I met the couple while studying at Maryland Institute College of Art and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Jessica Williams is an interior stylist/ designer and is currently running her own business in the New York area. Since I had some time with Jessica, I decided to sit down with her and catch up / learn some of her secrets to success. 

Coffee in Brooklyn : Jessica Williams | Taupe & Birch

What kind of projects are you working on at the moment? I have a variety of exciting projects at the moment! A handful of residential clients, a coffee shop in Philadelphia, and exciting restaurant spots here in Brooklyn. The most recent being a juice bar in Carroll Gardens that I’m designing with my husband. It’s a project we’ve been working on from scratch and we’re nearing completion in the coming month!

How did you end up in New York? I collected NYC memorabilia as a kid and always dreamt of moving here one day. My husband and I lived/worked in Baltimore and Chicago before making the hop to New York. It naturally felt like the next (and possibly last) move for us.

What’s your favorite coffee shop in New York? There’s delicious coffee around every corner in New York! A few of my neighborhood favorites are Cafe Pedlar, Smith Canteen and Bacchus Bistro.

Coffee in Brooklyn : Jessica Williams | Taupe & Birch

How would you describe your design aesthetic?I typically don’t aim for a style with my clients and rather incorporate meaningful moments of the old and new, while adding personal touches with family heirlooms. When creating my own spaces, I refer to raw textures and historic architectural details inspired by my upbringing in Frederick, MD and layer it with contemporary art and objects collected from places we’ve lived or traveled to.

Where do you see your business going in the next couple of years? hope to see the scale of my projects grow, so I can focus on fewer clients at a time. Having a studio space/bespoke shop are part of the plan too!

What advice would you give to someone looking to switch up the interior design in their home? Where do you start? Some of the ways to refresh your home without a big overhaul are to change up the paint colors, rearrange the placement of art, dispose items without personal meaning/memory and reupholstering soft pieces.

To learn more about the designer, visit her website and be sure to follow Jessica on Instagram for your weekly dose of inspiration. Content and photos by Heather Day

Weekly Dose: Green Essential

A few weeks ago I was looking for house plants on Craigslist which let’s be honest, can be like a needle in a haystack. I knew I needed some green in my apartment, especially on the desk in my bedroom where I have my workspace set up. I knew having plants would create an entirely new environment and feeling to the space. Just that pop of green, a little nature brought inside and the fact that they are living, breathing things always brightens my mood. So there I was, browsing Craigslist on the random chance that I would not only find someone selling their plants but selling their plants nearby. And then it happened. I found 3 beautiful, healthy plants for a steal!

Plants are game changers in my opinion. They’re just essential. Here are a few examples. Happy plant searching!


This is what I mean by pop of green. Against white, it’s a bold punch that’s awesome. Imagine this photo without the plant. It just wouldn’t be the same. Found on Domaine Home.


For me, plants in the bedroom are so important because I spend a lot of time in my room. It really warms up the space and gives off good vibes. I especially love long vine-y plants. It looks nice to put these inside shelving and let them drape down like shown here by Smile and Wave.


Want plants in the kitchen but don’t want to lose any counter space? Hang them from a rod over your sink. Love this idea found on Morganours.

342ae5b089b4ec0e22db7bbaad5ac7ebYou can even get a bunch of plants and line them up on a bench to create as the “Easiest Way to Embrace the Jungalow Trend.”

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Weekly Dose : Summer Remnants

I always find myself wanting to extend my weekends a bit longer than normal this time of year. The weather is perfect and let’s be honest – It’s not going to last forever. Here’s a round up of images I’m loving this week. Weekly Dose| Taupe & BirchImage found on Perpetual Grace Blog. Weekly Dose| Taupe & Birch Styling by Nina Johnson.Weekly Dose| Taupe & BirchA glimse at Artist, Miranda Skoxsek’s home teaches us that it’s totally ok to play with color. Weekly Dose| Taupe & Birch These chairs remind me of outdoor furniture. I bet they would look really awesome with a throw blanket or piece of cow hide to add comfort.  I’m loving the geometric repetition from the chair to the rug. Image found on Turbulences.

Content curated by Heather Day.  

Weekly Dose : Fall Anticipation

Happy September! A friend and I were talking this past weekend about how busy we’ve been this summer and although it flew by, we are actually anticipating fall for things to settle down a bit! We’re excited for layers, cute ankle boots, scarves, oversized sweaters, hearty soups, pumpkin everything, bonfires, colored leaves and walks on beautiful fall nights. Living in Minnesota, it is hard to even say I am anticipating fall because that means our dreadful winter is just around the corner too — but I have come to peaceful terms with the natural ebb and flow of the seasons and have learned to appreciate each for what it offers. Here are a few visuals highlighting the perks of fall.


Love this cute outfit with the scarf and ankle boots. If the weather is a bit cooler, you might want to swap the tights out for some warm leggings.


Rust has such a warm fall feeling. Architect Sean Godsell created a wall of rusted steel with a rich patina. Found on Kirtsy.


Hearty soups are the best in fall! Lentil soup is one of my absolute favorites. Check out this recipe for Laila’s Arabic Lentil Soup on Veggie Belly.

a21ea6078b32ec606345b0fde3506b81 copyLoving the fall colors of this wildflower bouquet and there’s even a mini version, how cute.


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Weekly Dose : Text

This week, I bring you simple text inspired by placement. It’s less about font and more about the power of repetition, weight of line and context.

Taupe & Birch : Weekly DoseIt’s all Right sign found on Elle Decoration.Taupe & Birch : Weekly DoseArt Nathan Cooley, There Will Be No Miracles Here, 2009Taupe & Birch : Weekly DoseBeing Super Ain’t Easy. by Colin Dunn, 2012 Taupe & Birch : Weekly DosePrint for Youth Magazine. Youth Magazine is a compilation of photographs of sixteen young photographers spotted on the net from around the globe. Taupe & Birch : Weekly DoseSo it goes by Meryl Pataky Taupe & Birch: Weekly DoseBERLIN By Alan Kitching.

Taupe & Birch: Weekly Dose

I found this image circulating on pinterest. Please share if you know the location!

Content curated by Heather Day.


Weekly Dose : The Power Of The Medium

Lately I have been thinking about different creative mediums and how they serve as platforms for evoking different feelings through their unique capabilities. I am a big fan of photography, both digital and analogue, as well as motion film and I think it’s particularly interesting when motion is captured in still photographs. It’s fascinating to me to see a trail of the essence and because there is an absence of the actual movement itself, each viewer interprets and must imagine the movement. Here are a few examples that I found that resonate with me for their simplicity.

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photo 1  |  photo 2  |  photo 3  |  photo 4

Also — If you are into photography and film, our friends at Emotimo are doing a promotional giveaway to win a free TB3 Black Motions Camera specializing in time-lapse, stop motion and pano.

If you are interested, you can Enter here. It’s a simple 3-step process that takes less than a minute to complete. One winner is chosen at random on August 27th.

Click here to watch a time-lapse video of Vancouver Island, showing the type of results the TB3 can help you achieve.

Content curated by Sara Chars.

Weekly Dose : Black Out

As we move forward with another week, I’m thinking a lot about the overlap between fashion, typography and design in general. It’s so much easier to understand the aesthetics of a design when you narrow it down to one color. Today I’m exploring imagery I have found around the web and keeping it specific with the bold look of the color, black.


No 39 Cafe & Restaurant caught my eye immediately for it’s bold use of text in contrast with warm lighting from the interior space.


Ok, I’m kind of cheating on this one with a splash of Navy. I’m not sure I could pull of this outfit. I love the dark tones with her brunette hair. (Image found here.)


This swedish apartment found on the Dust Jacket has the perfect balance of contrast through out.


I’m still trying to decide how I feel about the sneakers with this one. It’s definitely fun and fits the comfort level of the outfit. (Image from Harpers Bazaar.)


Check out this edgy stationary found on Domaine Home.


Speaking of edgy, this black on black combo is so interesting. I usually go for the brighter, airy rooms but there’s something about the softness of the blankets and harsh black wall that pulls me in. What do you think? (Image from Analog Dialog.) 7952032e44aa292e2a26c9b7a26aacf3

That’s a wrap. Parting quote by Don Draper from Madmen. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s final post in collaboration with food stylist, Mary Valentin.

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