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Weekly Dose : Blues

This past week was quite the whirlwind with getting back into the swing of things after being gone almost three weeks — which left me craving some down time over the weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a breather, process, and catch up with life.

This weeks Weekly Dose is inspired by the color blue and all its beautiful hues. Besides black which is my favorite color to wear, blue is up there as one of my favorites. It is so versatile and has a cool, calming essence which I love.


Can’t go wrong with blue on blue on blue. This beautiful interior designed by stylist Anna Marselius is simple, modern and fresh.


While this isn’t outright blue, I love the subtle blue hues in this photograph and boy does the kale chop salad by With Food + Love look absolutely delish.


This street-style blue patterned romper and pop-of-blue shoes worn by graphic designer Emma Robertson looks super comfy and can be played up for a night on the town or down for a casual Friday at the office.
222ecd71d6d0d282407ac2f86167ee42I love the color and texture going on in artist Lisa Hochstein’s paintings and collage works. She says these pieces are “inspired by the visible signs of decay and change in the urban built environment.” She works with discarded cardboard boxes, packing supplies, paper bags and loves seeing the transformation of salvaged material and the (in)visibility of her hand in each piece. “Underlying this process are questions about the nature of the art object itself.”

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Weekly Dose : Groupings


What a weekend! Sara was in Milwaukee visiting family and I’m back in San Francisco. It was a pretty warm weekend so I spent most of it outside. Summers in the bay area tend to be a bit cooler. When you get weather that hits the high 70s-80s, you have to take full advantage of it. The highlight of my weekend was biking out to Fort Funston and watching the hang gliders literally walk off the cliff!

Alright, on to the good stuff. This week I’ve been thinking a lot about vignettes and what allows art and design to exist together. There are so many elements to consider- size, color, texture- I could go on. For today’s weekly dose, I found groups that push the composition further. Whether it’s on the wall or the floor, every detail should be considered.

f1c3bbe21a045637937a27517473601670810503a67d2687a62b41c6fbdb5895Domaine Home is one of my favorite places to look at art online. They source from galleries that have great relationships with artists. I’m fascinated by design publications that can actually pull off art and furniture cohesively. A clean design aesthetic should allow room for both the art and furniture highlight each other while maintaining a sense of independence.  Domaine has great tips in their Gallery Walls 101 series : 7 Ideas for an Artful Arrangement.

ed255be6144abdc51b6960df5917b700Julia Leach, founder of the lifestyle brand Chance, created a cozy and intimate space while leaving the walls white and bare for the art. Love! (Photo by Lonny Magazine.)


Sometimes, it’s the small photographs, scrap notes, and house hold items that make the perfect natural vignette. This photo is from Remodelista. Owner Barbara Merritt describes her Portland, Maine, shop Chellis Wilson “a retail adventure committed to strong aesthetics and integrity of production.” Wilson carries furniture from local artisans such as Jonas Eule of Weather furniture as well as pieces from far-flung designers like Japan’s Fog Linen.


The art in this space consists of the utilitarian objects along with the minimal furniture. I really appreciate the kitchen table functioning as an island to save space. (Image via Design Chaser)

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Weekly Dose : Alternate Function

Happy Monday! Both Heather and I have been on-the-go, road tripping out west — Heather back out to San Francisco from Chicago and I’m here in Portland for another day. We plan to share our adventures on the blog so stay tuned for that coming soon and check out our instagram for photo updates in the meantime!

For today’s Weekly Dose and after traveling through some pretty barren, old and worn down small towns, I have been thinking a lot about alternate use for home decor objects to take on a different role and function as something else. One of my favorite design styles is combing old with new, and by not only repurposing something but using it in an entirely new way can make a space very unique and even foster creativity in other ways. Here are a few visual examples of objects used as alternate or dual functions.


Love these old milk crates found on The Design Chaser used as kitchen shelves for dishes and spices, giving a great exposed look and open feel.


Found on vtwonen, using a dresser as a headboard instead of against a wall can open up options on how to arrange bedroom space allowing your bed to be in the middle of the room yet still feel grounded.


Window panes are one of my favorite objects because they are so multifaceted and can be used for a plethora of alternate functions. Here, Wisuella uses a window-paned door as a room divider.

4I love the idea of having an old wood desk in the kitchen. Similar to the milk crate shelving in the first photo, this gives an exposed look without feeling cluttered and can be a great design solution for limited cabinet space in a small apartment. Photo from the blog of Aoya Nakameguro.

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Weekly Dose : Space

It’s going to be an exciting week! Sara recently drove from Minneapolis to Bend, OR camping in Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Yellowstone, and I am currently writing this post from Chicago, IL and plan to drive cross country to San Francisco with plenty of time to camp out as well. If you’re not following us on Instagram already, now’s a good time. Things are about to get pretty interesting!

With these travel plans in mind and after a recent collaboration with a Chicago-based food stylist – I have been thinking a lot about how we use space. Conceptually, I think about space with painting and photography. To create space, usually you need to have a subject for context and direction. When painting, I try to have a line or color work as a compass to lead the eye from one side of the piece to the next. In food photography, this is can be the direction of a utensil or sprinkle of crumbs.

I’m traveling to get perspective and space from the life I have built in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to resetting and taking a breather before getting back to the bay area. For today’s Weekly Dose, I decided to take a break from food and design and seek out artists that are capturing the idea of movement in space.


Marcel Castenmiller, Photographer



Sam Falls, Painter


Ami Koli, Photographer



Christina Troufa, Painter


Eva Lundsager, Painter

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Weekly Dose : Industrial

Hope you had a great long 4th of July weekend and soaked up plenty of sunshine! I spent the weekend at my friend’s lake cabin in a small town and got some good R&R. On Saturday, we went in town to the weekly flea market where they have everything from fried cheese curds to antiques — but overall it was like a huge vintage rummage sale. The cool thing about a small town flea market is that you really do get to see a lot of old vintage products. I often found myself asking what a particular product did or was used for back in the day. I stumbled upon a few gems and picked them up to add to my growing collection of mixing old with new.

One of the popular interior design styles today that does exactly this, combining old with new, is an industrial look. There has been a boom in companies and little shops renovating spaces in old warehouses and turning them into cozy coffee shops, artist studios, lofts, etc. working with the original structure of the building, leaving the brick exposed and refinishing the beautiful woodwork. However, it may be a little trickier to achieve this look on your own at home. Here are a few tips for getting the industrial look. (And I highly recommend rummage sales, vintage shops and small town flea markets for the best bargains and finds).

A few of my favorite shops here in Minneapolis are Junket, E’s Emporium & Flamingo’s Divine Finds.

Emily Wren PhotographyLoving the organic looking chandelier, exposed white-washed brick wall and lots of natural light. Read more about How to Achieve an Industrial Style on homedit.

industiral-interior-design-ideas-7 industiral-interior-design-ideas-16-500x749These last two photos are from 35 Interesting Industrial Interior Design Ideas on Shelterness which give great examples of how you can achieve the look at home.


I have always thought lighting to be one of the most important design elements in a room as it creates the feel and mood of the particular space. Being someone who doesn’t really like bright, direct lighting, I have often been very conscientious of it. It is usually one of the first things I am drawn to in good interior design. Check out Put A Bulb In It: 24 up cycled pendant lights made from thrifty vintage treasures on Retro Renovation for DIY lighting ideas.

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Weekly Dose: Shades of White

As an artist, I’m naturally sensitive to color and light. My most sucessful paintings and photographs are when the light and contrast of the subject is considered entirely. I’m constantly looking for ways to draw the viewers eye from one side of the composition to the next. With summer in full swing, I’ve been considering how I can translate the light through various shades of white, ultimately allowing the bits of color that exists, to have more of an importance. Less is more in these situations. Here are a few images I have pulled together. Enjoy!

f0ba0f288432fe78f15f0213d5669082-1Beautifully composed image by Daniella Witte.

Franz-Kline-Mahoning-1956I’m always blown away by Franz Kline‘s paintings. I love the way he can make simple, bold gestures with a very limited palette. If you look closely, the color starts to appear from the white paint. 
43b84880f52c880a9531992cd685ca6dLess is more in most cases with talented photographer, Idha Lindhag

Governors-Ball-Street-Style-3-612x918These girls from the Governors Ball nailed it last month with their white on white outfits.

Stylingcompetition_DW (1 av 1)Our final image is also by Daniella Witte. If you aren’t familiar with her blog, it’s definitely worth a peak. 

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Weekly Dose : Break Sequence

There’s never a moment I am without curiosity — but when it’s met well on the other end with inspiration, that’s when I feel most excited about fuzing my passion with a career I love.

Lately, I have been discovering creative lifestyle agencies and companies that are doing amazing, inspiring work, and job positions that seem uber customized as if a mashup of four separate titles. This is a good thing.

Someone once told me job titles were ridiculous because it only places you into a definable category of a particular role where you then carry out assigned tasks specific to that role. How limiting and un-collaborative. I think the richest experience you can have in life whether in a business partnership or working with a team of co-workers is to collaborate and cross the boundaries of titles. This is when the most innovative things happen because each individual’s thinking is not confined or tunnel visioned.

The more I try to fit my various interests into the parameters of a title, the more lost I become. So when I see a position for a Style Guide Editorial Art Director, my eyes light up and my inside screams YES because I know positions like these are suited for people who enjoy more opportunity for creative thought.

So, change it up, break sequence and don’t limit yourself to a title.

And now for some inspiring visuals [all of these sites kick serious butt].


Love this collage of art, jewelry and industrial furniture with very clean and simple aesthetics along with their whole thread of great visuals on Desire to Inspire.


Striped dresses are my favorite this summer. This one was spotted on Miss Moss and Designed by Mandy Kordal who started the knitwear line Kordal.

4f2d28786bc54935414323cc247a6826Cold press? Yes, please. And I don’t normally drink coffee, but this iced hazelnut latte looks amazing. And since the site is in Swedish, I translated the recipe for you here. You’re welcome 🙂

2.5 ml strong cold coffee
1 cup hazelnut milk
2 tablespoons substantial whipped cream soy
cocoa or cinnamon to sprinkle on top
1 handful of ice


Background photo found on one of the best tumblr’s I’ve ever stumbled upon: quince with sugar.

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Weekly Dose: Distressed

Here we are again, the dreadful Monday. Lately, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to make Mondays more exciting. I did a little research and found that 59% of americans dread work with the typical ‘Sunday Night Blues’.  That’s huge!

“A poll from 2012 found that employees who were “actively disengaged” from their jobs were less happy as their weekends came to a close, with larger numbers becoming unhappy until about Wednesday. The proportion of happy employees did not rise again until Friday night. On the other hand, happiness for those who felt “engaged” at their jobs remained stable throughout the week — showing that job happiness is essential to a smoother transition from weekend to workweek.”  You can read more about the article on Medical Daily.

So, what am I going to do differently? Aside from spending a lot more time in the studio, I am focused on creating a healthy work schedule that leaves room for yoga, reading and painting. I’ll let you know how it goes! Here are a few things we’re loving this week:

tumblr_mnxlmcfKaV1qfaf1fo1_500How gorgeous is this distressed table? I stumbled upon it on Pinterest which then lead me to this awesome tumblr that’s loaded with great imagery. 

I really can’t get enough blue. I’m a huge fan of denim on denim. 

tumblr_mtbxt174wf1qz897no1_1280Series of photographs by Jordan Sullivan.

When asked what was most memorable about creating his last series of photographs, he replied: “Sleeping on the sides of roads, watching the yellow moon rise, running out of gas in the mountains in a snowstorm 200 miles from the nearest town, being in one of the most strange and beautiful places in the world with my best friends.” 

You can read more of Sullivan’s interview on Daze Digital.


Quote from She Knows. 

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Weekly Dose : Spontaneity

Happy Monday! Thinking back on the weekend, I feel like I can never get everything on my on-going to-do list checked off (probably because the list grows exponentially each day). But what I’ve realized is that that’s okay, as long as I was able to fit in fun events and catch up with good friends. Sometimes being spontaneous is the best medicine and the to-do list can temporarily go on the back burner because let’s face it, it will always be there. The inspiration for this week was quick and spontaneous, because often that leads to something beautifully unexpected.

5f701053.story1a We love the grainy film quality of these photos shot on the coast of Brazil debuting the spring/summer 2014 clothing collection from Lou & Grey.041f5a62674469115b235e5e24fbdfccLove the pop of colors and diverse textures in this newly built wooden home in Denmark seen on The Style Files.
50d136b326805e95acd2e90a84dbef57We couldn’t help but love the name of this food blog. What’s Cooking Good Looking has a fun name, awesome styling and great yummy recipes like this one: soba noodles + ginger tahini with crispy kale, shallots + romaine.8f2ed23a83a1f16187be24008e8179a8Bodie and Fou has some of the best art prints to add to your real life pinterest board. These prints are black and white, usually with city names or a cute saying that’s hand-drawn and nostalgic feeling.

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Weekly Dose: Workspace Inspiration

Now that it’s summer, getting to work can be more of a challenge. Let’s be honest, what we’re really craving is warm weather and fresh air. Adding a few photographs and posters is a great way to change up the space and add a bit of inspiration to the office.

adbae4ce3b37cdc7d0bfb41e777a77c0Isn’t the space of Claudia Dey Heidi Sopinka so dreamy? Be sure to head over to Flare Magazine to read more about their studio. Dey And Sopinka are the founder of the Canadian dress line, Horses Atelier. When they were children they came up with the idea of the company and today it’s the real deal.


We love the way this office from Little Green Notebook displays all of the tools out in the open.


Add this book to your workspace and you’re sure to be set for a productive summer. We can’t wait to finish reading #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal. girllboss

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