DIY : Copper Accent

Lately I’ve noticed how much I appreciate and started seeking out very simple clothing, home decor items, etc. — but the products that stand out the most are the ones with the subtle differences, i.e. the pocket in the lower right corner, the strip of gold just on the toe part of a sandal, the cuffs or small buttons on the sleeve of a sold colored shirt.

One of my favorite subtleties in home decor (and shoes as mentioned) is a pop of gold or copper which really gives an old/new aesthetic, especially if it’s part of repurposing something through a DIY project. Here are a few examples of fun DIY projects you can do to add a little copper accent to your space.


Love these copper painted pipes with concrete slab tops to create various height plant stands found on Camille Styles.


For the living area or your bedroom, this copper pipe wall sconce will be a detail noted piece.


Don’t have enough closet space? Make a stylish copper pipe clothing rack to display your latest fashion finds.

b3f1150f65b5b8af94694affd1c8671eIf you need to spice up your workspace a little, this DIY copper pipe pencil holder found on A Fabulous Fete will do the trick.

DIY_copper_storage2-767x1024I love the idea of hanging things from homemade ladders. Whether in the kitchen to hang pots from or in your bedroom to drape jeans over, this copper ladder has a nice duel function as an exposed design piece and storage.

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