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Let’s be real, pop-up shops are on trend and becoming the new thing. What a fun and versatile way to sell anything from cupcakes and posters to handmade clothing, plants and old records. Here are some awesome pop-up shops, whether stationary or mobile, these shops are fleeting so be sure to stop over if you spot them!

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And what cooler way to both run a small business and travel than to own a mobile pop-up shop, commonly in converted vintage Volkswagen vans or the “silver bullet” airstream trailers.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.49.09 PM

Dear Hearts, started last May by two friends, is a mobile pop-up shop in the Durham, NC area. Friends Stella and Donna said, “we envisioned a space that fosters a warm feeling of community, excitement and home. We wanted to create a store that is an interesting mix of our different personal styles, a place to house emerging new brands that we love alongside seamlessly integrated, clean & classic vintage, a place where our friends and customers would feel comfortable exploring and experimenting with their own style or just popping in and having a beer with us.”

Cool side note — I discovered them through one of my favorite bands, Sylvan Esso, whom they do styling for. Check their blog for more deets!

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Photos screen shot from their video here.

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Small Room Collective, another mobile pop-up shop run by duo Lauren and Travis Hardy, is still touring the US for its second season in a row. Check their 2014 tour route to see if they are stopping near your city!

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Photos from their Instagram account here.

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