Scott Patt : Bigger. Smaller. Funnier.

While exploring the shops on Mississippi Ave in Portland earlier this week, I was in Reading Frenzy (awesome artist zines, cool prints and small edition works) and picked up a copy of Stay Wild, a new quarterly print and digital free adventure magazine.

Inside the Summer 2014 issue of Stay Wild is an article on artist Scott Patt and his project Bigger. Smaller. Funnier. The project is a painting per day for 365 days focusing on life, thoughts, connections, etc. and explores how even so much as what day of the week it is influences the process and how he feels. Patt says he has always been someone who has been “driven by the epic quest” and that really forces him into ‘doing.’

What I love about each painting is not only the aesthetic of the simple, solid, bright colors and painterly texture but also the minimalist feel and messages that are relevant to almost everyone yet in their own unique and personal way. Each painting is also sold in limited print editions of 100.

Watch the video below to hear Patt’s words on the project.

Bigger. Smaller. Funnier. by Scott Patt from KINGSPØKE on Vimeo.

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