Coffee in Mpls : Ashlie O’Day

We’ve had our eye on fashionista Ashlie O’Day who co-owns the very chic Proper & Prim boutique. If you are strolling the streets of Uptown, be sure to stop in and shop some great fall fashions. Proper & Prim will be hosting a party celebrating the 4th birthday of its original Fargo location this Thursday, October 16 from 5-9pm. Enjoy sweets, bubbly & 20% off | 2743 Lyndale Ave. S. in Mpls.2011-05-07 20.16.35

What do you do?
I co-own Proper & Prim with my sister, Teresa. I act as a buyer and manager for our Minneapolis location. I am also a buyer for my mom’s import store, O’Day Cache.

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota, home to people who will clarify that the movie Fargo wasn’t actually filmed there.

Random fact about yourself?

I speak very rudimentary Turkish. I can say phrases like “I speak very little Turkish” along with a mixed bag of vocabulary words like “crowded” and “watermelon”. 

Favorite color?

Does a metallic count? If so, brushed gold. If not, the palest of pale pink.

Favorite clothing item?

My favorite non-Proper & Prim item is the ultimate fitted black blazer that I bought in Beijing years ago. I wore it down to the thread and was depressed I would have to toss it. Yet, in a serendipitous moment while back in Beijing on a buying trip this past spring, I revisited the store and a saleswoman remembered me and led me to the same exact blazer, which they brought back for another season. I promptly purchased it after a moment of squealing and clapping.

Proper or Prim?

Neither! We put a twist on the classic “prim and proper” phrase for that very reason. I am very much a girl in many ways, but I’ll never fit into the “little white gloves” mindset.

Morning or night?

Night. I am more productive once the sun goes down.

Favorite place in Minneapolis?

Lake of the Isles and Lowry Hill. One day I’ll own one of those gorgeous mansions, but if that doesn’t shake out, I’ll settle for a walk around the neighborhood.


Photograph and interview by Sara Chars for Taupe & Birch.

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