Coffee in San Fran: Mallory Lucille

Mallory Lucille is an illustrator living and working in San Francisco. Her work immediately stood out to me for it’s exciting, sarcastic yet empathetic undertone. Be sure to check out her spectacular website and better yet, follow this gem on Instagram. 
Coffee in San Fran : Mallory | Taupe & Birch

What do you do?
1. Studio Art Director & Curator
2. Drafting, illustration, and mixed media creator (I don’t often call
myself an artist, haha)

Where are you from?
Boulder Creek, CA

Random Fact about yourself?
I can efficiently write upside down and backwards; most of my work
features this fun fact.

Favorite color?
Willow grey (the color of most sidewalks)

Cat or Dog?
I’m partial to my cat that acts like a dog, but someday when I grow
up– I want a dog, too.

Who do you look up to? 
My father, he absorbs and exudes so much information, appreciation,
and compassion. He really brightens up my life.

What’s you favorite place in the city?
I’m tempted to pick something as broad as the mission; my favorite
part of the city is the convenience of being in my studio and two
minutes later running into beautiful girls at coffee shops. (Side note: I ran into Mallory at Four Barrel Coffee where I asked her a few questions!)

Photo and content by Heather Day


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