Mix & Match : Negative Space

Continuing with the design element of space for the week, T & B has curated a variety of home decor products with an emphasis on negative space. The great thing about focusing on negative space is that you start to reduce clutter and simplify — thus creating openness and more of a free flowing environment.

Often, the objects we own are an extension of ourselves and we attach a particular value to them which is why it is usually hard to get rid of something you own even if you don’t use it. I am a big believer that environments affect mood and so by being very selective over new products to add to your home and making sure they have a nice balance of positive and negative space, you can feel and live better. Here are a few starting points as well as a great read on better living tips from one of my absolute favorite sites, Gestalten.


1.) Obelisk Terrarium 2.) The Monocle Guide to Better Living book 3.) Ennis Large Pendant hanging light 4.) Slim Leather Sling Chair 5.) Kai Bookshelf

Product curated by Sara Chars.

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  1. That sling chair would definitely add balance to my apartment decor…perfect for those long days at the office – nice selection of items!

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