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Pharmacie Home, a design-centric home decor corner-shop, opened it’s doors early last November in the Lyn-Lake area of Uptown Minneapolis. Shop owners Roger and Sam are some of the most welcoming and friendly people I’ve met. You can feel their eye for design and passion in opening the store upon walking through the door. The shop is filled with handcrafted US products made by independent designers, always has a welcoming vibe and floor displays are changed up regularly to give it a fresh feel. With a great balance of product category from unique lighting to offbeat kitchenware and tongue-in-cheek accessories, Pharmacie offers a little of everything as your daily dose of medicine. 2743 Lyndale Ave S | Minneapolis, MN

IMGP2141IMGP2151T & B had the chance to chat with Roger and Sam to get the inside scoop.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! How did the name “Pharmacie” first come about? The name happened mostly by accident – several years ago when were first thinking about opening the shop – we had our eye on the old Burch Pharmacy spot at Hennepin and Franklin. We thought it might be a good location and we loved the building – and hey – why not name the shop “Pharmacie” as a nod to the building’s history. Obviously we didn’t take that space, but the name stuck. We love the idea that (the name) isn’t what we are – but we offer a similar idea – a corner shop where you can find a cure for what ails you – it’s just in pillow form, not pill form.

Haha, we love that! So how do you choose the items you want in the store? We are really interested in unique products that are handcrafted by small independent designers from around the US. We love things that mix unexpected materials, are twists on traditional crafts, or are created using new technologies (we’re suckers for anything 3D printed).


About how many artists (of every kind) do you feature in the store at a given time? It varies – we like to make sure there’s a good mix but not an overload in any given category. 

Where/how do you find the artists? We love design, so we’ve had a million ideas about which designers/brands we wanted to carry forever. We also go to gift/furniture shows a couple times a year and since we’ve opened last November, we’ve had a lot of people come to us wanting to collaborate. 

What do you want the store to feel like? What things have you done to make it feel this way/have a particular vibe? We want the shop to feel like home – warm, inviting, comfortable. Aside from how the shop is decorated – things like playing good music, bringing the dogs with us every day, and offering snacks and (of course) adult beverages to our customers – things like this are what we believe complete the Pharmacie experience.


How did you both get inspired to open a home decor store? And how did you make it a reality? Glutton for punishment??? 🙂 No – it’s something that we’ve always dreamt of doing. When we travel – we often find ourselves spending hours in smaller design shops and knew that Minneapolis, being such a design-centric city, would be supportive of a shop like ours. So far – that’s proven to be true. And it was brought to reality by a ton of hard work, planning, MAJOR help from our friends, family and awesome collaborators… and a few lucky chips falling into place at the right time.

What recent items or future items are you most excited about? We’re crazy for the magnetic lights from Bower studio in NYC. And seriously, the most robust bottle opener we’ve ever used from our friends in Chicago, Strand Design. But we’re especially stoked about launching our own line of furniture – “Chemistry Set” – a suite of table bases (coffee, side, and dining) that can be mixed and matched with different material tops (marble, wood, concrete) to make unique pieces. Stay tuned… we’ll be showing prototypes in the shop the rest of summer.

Photography and content by Sara Chars for Taupe & Birch.

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