Playlist : Let It Go

Music has always been a stress relieving, meditative outlet for me. I usually find meanings in songs which I interpret in my own way. Often this shifts my perspective on life to that of something more purposeful and in the end, positive. If you’re a close friend of mine, you’ll know I get really into certain songs and listen to them on repeat because it’s sort of meditative in a way.

Naturally, I enjoy seeing artists perform live. My favorite concerts are small performance venues as they are much more intimate and moving. I recently saw Jose Gonzalez at the Cedar Cultural Center. I had never been there before but know many that would say this is their favorite venue in Minneapolis. It was an exceptional concert in a great space. I could even feel the vibe of the crowd – mellow and so appreciative of good music.


Below is a playlist I have been working on the past few months. It’s a great mix of songs that I have found a personal connection to and have helped serve as an outlet to release whatever I need to let go.



Image from The Every Girl

♫ Music curated by Sara Chars.

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