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We sat down with Sara Beth Goldfine of SBG Designs, located in the North Loop Warehouse District of Minneapolis, to get the details on her line of timeless adornments, how it all began and the exciting plans of a fresh new look rolling out this fall.SGB Designs | Sara Chars

How did you first get into jewelry making and what ultimately inspired you to start SBG Designs?

As a little girl, I loved to take apart my moms jewelry and see what kind of creations I could come up with.  My tools included her nail scissors and eyebrow tweezers.  I had NO idea what I was doing, but I figured out how to put a piece together by taking other pieces apart.  Fast forward to my senior year of college at the University of Kansas… I was in the Fine Arts School getting my degree in Textile Design.  After taking a couple of Jewelry Design classes as electives, I fell in love again with jewelry design and started selling my work at local boutiques in Lawrence, Kansas as well as my home town of Minneapolis.  I was so inspired by the positive response to my collections that I decided to incorporate my business during my senior year and see where it took me.  A year later I was in Los Angeles launching my brand and seeing my jewelry on the cover of magazines.  It was the most amazing feeling!  I spent 6 years building my brand in Los Angeles before moving back to my stomping grounds.  The love and support I have received from my customers and the community is what keeps me inspired every day.

SGB Designs | Sara Chars

What is a typical work day like for you?

There really isn’t a typical work day… During the week, I have set responsibilities: completing special orders, replenishing inventory, responding to emails, etc.  Every day is so different.  Some days will be booked with appointments (customers stopping into the showroom) and other days consist of meetings outside of the showroom, photo shoots, Trunk Shows and Pop-Up Shops.  We also do a lot of traveling to cities like Chicago, New York, Florida and Los Angeles where we meet with our retailers and set up private showings and Pop-Up Shops.

SGB Designs | Sara CharsSGB Designs | Sara Chars

Do you have a particular style? How was this style inspired?

My personal style changes depending on my mood.  Most days I like to dress in oversized flowing tops and layer on the Boho necklaces with a stacked mixture of delicate bracelets.  If I’m going to a Black Tie event, I like to go with a Vintage or Hollywood Glam look:  Either pile on the Allure Bracelets and pair them with Goddess earrings or start with a Statement necklace or Glam Paisley and compliment the look with a Glam bracelet.

SGB Designs | Sara Chars

How long has SBG Designs been around and where can we find these gems?

Since 2004!  Available on our website ( as well as the following places:

Minneapolis Boutiques

  • A La Mode Boutique and Nail Spa
  • Arafina
  • Flutter
  • Indulge & Bloom
  • Primrose Park
  • MinQ
  • Three Rooms
  • SBG Designs Showroom


  • Denim Lounge
  • Willow
  • Tria

Los Angeles

  • The Beach House

SGB Designs | Sara CharsSGB Designs | Sara Chars

What is your favorite Minneapolis clothing boutique that you love to pair with your jewelry?

Can I say three?  Primrose Park, Arafina and MinQ!

Can you explain “Shop for a Cause”?

Throughout the years, we have collaborated with different nonprofit organizations and raised money and awareness for national and local charities.  We believe that the opportunity to build the community around us by supporting these organizations will allow the world to be a much better place.  By hosting fundraising events, creating special collections and donating to silent auctions, we hope to impact our community in a positive way.

SBG Designs | Sara Chars

What does the future look like for SBG Designs?

Stay tuned!  We have been really busy…working on something BIG!

Photographs by Sara Chars for Taupe & Birch

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