Sunday Fun Day in Sonoma, California

The Fremont Diner | Taupe & BirchSan Francisco is amazing, but I always enjoy escaping the city for other bay area adventures. This weekend I drove to Sonoma with a few friends. We started the day with brunch at The Fremont Diner. The diner is conveniently located in wine country and they pride themselves in sourcing all ingredients locally. I love the fact that you leave your name with the host and then make your way to the yard where you’ll order a mimosa or milkshake from an old streamline.  I’ve never waited more than 15-20 mins for a table and their menu is very reasonably priced. The Fremont Diner | Taupe & Birch

Fremont Diner| Taupe & Birch

Next stop, Scribe Winery! If you haven’t been before, this place is not to be missed. Somewhere between the gorgeous vineyards, rustic design, and delicious wine – I always find myself feeling like I’m finally resetting from a busy week in the city. One thing that resonates with me is the fact that Scribe embraces the history of the land. The old architecture and artifacts creates a beautiful anthology of stories. The people that work at Scribe have got to be the friendliest, down-to-earth and not to mention trendiest servers! Before bringing out the wine, they will gladly introduce themselves as if you’ve just met an old friend for a drink and eventually bring out the wine while sharing some interesting details about the vineyard. Scribe | Taupe & BirchScribe | Taupe & Birch
IMG_1585Scribe | Taupe & BirchIMG_1627Scribe | Taupe & BirchIf you’d like to make a trip to Scribe, be sure to call ahead. They can be quite busy, making it difficult to make a last minute reservation. If you join their membership club, it’s quite easy to reserve a spot on the hill with a blanket overlooking the vineyard.

Content and Photography by Heather Day. 


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