Weekly Dose : Black Out

As we move forward with another week, I’m thinking a lot about the overlap between fashion, typography and design in general. It’s so much easier to understand the aesthetics of a design when you narrow it down to one color. Today I’m exploring imagery I have found around the web and keeping it specific with the bold look of the color, black.


No 39 Cafe & Restaurant caught my eye immediately for it’s bold use of text in contrast with warm lighting from the interior space.


Ok, I’m kind of cheating on this one with a splash of Navy. I’m not sure I could pull of this outfit. I love the dark tones with her brunette hair. (Image found here.)


This swedish apartment found on the Dust Jacket has the perfect balance of contrast through out.


I’m still trying to decide how I feel about the sneakers with this one. It’s definitely fun and fits the comfort level of the outfit. (Image from Harpers Bazaar.)


Check out this edgy stationary found on Domaine Home.


Speaking of edgy, this black on black combo is so interesting. I usually go for the brighter, airy rooms but there’s something about the softness of the blankets and harsh black wall that pulls me in. What do you think? (Image from Analog Dialog.) 7952032e44aa292e2a26c9b7a26aacf3

That’s a wrap. Parting quote by Don Draper from Madmen. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s final post in collaboration with food stylist, Mary Valentin.

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