Weekly Dose : Blues

This past week was quite the whirlwind with getting back into the swing of things after being gone almost three weeks — which left me craving some down time over the weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a breather, process, and catch up with life.

This weeks Weekly Dose is inspired by the color blue and all its beautiful hues. Besides black which is my favorite color to wear, blue is up there as one of my favorites. It is so versatile and has a cool, calming essence which I love.


Can’t go wrong with blue on blue on blue. This beautiful interior designed by stylist Anna Marselius is simple, modern and fresh.


While this isn’t outright blue, I love the subtle blue hues in this photograph and boy does the kale chop salad by With Food + Love look absolutely delish.


This street-style blue patterned romper and pop-of-blue shoes worn by graphic designer Emma Robertson looks super comfy and can be played up for a night on the town or down for a casual Friday at the office.
222ecd71d6d0d282407ac2f86167ee42I love the color and texture going on in artist Lisa Hochstein’s paintings and collage works. She says these pieces are “inspired by the visible signs of decay and change in the urban built environment.” She works with discarded cardboard boxes, packing supplies, paper bags and loves seeing the transformation of salvaged material and the (in)visibility of her hand in each piece. “Underlying this process are questions about the nature of the art object itself.”

Content selected and curated by Sara Chars.



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