Weekly Dose: Green Essential

A few weeks ago I was looking for house plants on Craigslist which let’s be honest, can be like a needle in a haystack. I knew I needed some green in my apartment, especially on the desk in my bedroom where I have my workspace set up. I knew having plants would create an entirely new environment and feeling to the space. Just that pop of green, a little nature brought inside and the fact that they are living, breathing things always brightens my mood. So there I was, browsing Craigslist on the random chance that I would not only find someone selling their plants but selling their plants nearby. And then it happened. I found 3 beautiful, healthy plants for a steal!

Plants are game changers in my opinion. They’re just essential. Here are a few examples. Happy plant searching!


This is what I mean by pop of green. Against white, it’s a bold punch that’s awesome. Imagine this photo without the plant. It just wouldn’t be the same. Found on Domaine Home.


For me, plants in the bedroom are so important because I spend a lot of time in my room. It really warms up the space and gives off good vibes. I especially love long vine-y plants. It looks nice to put these inside shelving and let them drape down like shown here by Smile and Wave.


Want plants in the kitchen but don’t want to lose any counter space? Hang them from a rod over your sink. Love this idea found on Morganours.

342ae5b089b4ec0e22db7bbaad5ac7ebYou can even get a bunch of plants and line them up on a bench to create as the “Easiest Way to Embrace the Jungalow Trend.”

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