Weekly Dose : Text

This week, I bring you simple text inspired by placement. It’s less about font and more about the power of repetition, weight of line and context.

Taupe & Birch : Weekly DoseIt’s all Right sign found on Elle Decoration.Taupe & Birch : Weekly DoseArt Nathan Cooley, There Will Be No Miracles Here, 2009Taupe & Birch : Weekly DoseBeing Super Ain’t Easy. by Colin Dunn, 2012 Taupe & Birch : Weekly DosePrint for Youth Magazine. Youth Magazine is a compilation of photographs of sixteen young photographers spotted on the net from around the globe. Taupe & Birch : Weekly DoseSo it goes by Meryl Pataky Taupe & Birch: Weekly DoseBERLIN By Alan Kitching.

Taupe & Birch: Weekly Dose

I found this image circulating on pinterest. Please share if you know the location!

Content curated by Heather Day.


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